Our Services

We are licensed to provide the following services

Crowd Control

it takes a proactive approach when it comes to managing crowds, our team has the necessary skill set to ensure your staff and patrons arrive safe and leave safe whilst visiting your establishment.

Security Guards

From protecting your assets to protecting your people, our immensely trained personnel have what it takes to get the job done with integrity.

COVID Check-In Marshal

As per the Victorian Government's guidelines we can provide your business with fully vaccinated COVID Check-in Marshals. For more info if your business needs a COVID check-in Marshal please click on the link below.

Event Security

From checking bags, tickets or simply observing the crowd - this role requires a competent team with an outstanding cooperation with one another to ensure the events starts well and ends as planned. Our team is more than qualified to deliver this service with exceptional quality.

Concierge Officer

First impressions matter! With our professional staff who possess the soft skill and customer centric focus this role requires; you will have the confidence knowing your business is being represented by a quality service provider who has your best interest.

Loss Prevention

The greatest deterrent is by having the presence of a security officer. With the soft skills this role requires and the professionalism to apprehend offenders if needed. Rest assure we have the personnel your business needs.